Deathstar Blues

[one_half] First Look at official new Star Wars gear by Vans & Santa Cruz Skateboards
Group Art Show featuring Axel Geittmann, Sket-One, RYCA, Derek Keenan, Hari & Deepti and The Gropes

Exhibit runs until June 28th

Skateboarding and Star Wars are two of the biggest creative endeavors and commercial outlets of the past 40 years. Both gained immense popularity going into the 1980’s creating generations of devoted fans and successful consumer related brands that continue to thrive. As part of our June exhibit “Deathstar Blues” we will be hosting a “First Look” of new Star Wars merchandise from two iconic American brands – Vans Shoes and Santa Cruz Skateboards. We will also have an exhibit of Star Wars inspired artwork featuring Axel Geittmann, Sket-One, RYCA, Hari & Deepti and The Gropes.

Vans Shoes is a long time American brand that also gained popularity in the early 1980’s and continues to be influential today. From skateboarders, moms to kindergarteners Vans have been sold across the world for over 40 years. Star Wars and Vans have joined forces to create a limited production line of classic Vans shoes styled with iconic Star Wars imagery.

Santa Cruz Skateboards is the longest operating skateboarding company and another highly influential brand spanning generations. Skateboard culture has many aspects that have crossed into the mainstream but one of the most widely referenced is the graphic and design elements found on the boards and related merch. The addition of Star Wars graphics to boards creates the perfect item to be either used or displayed with pride.

Star Wars has been in the heads of adults going back almost 40 years. Many of the kids from the late seventies have entered into careers and some have become artists who have been heavily influenced by Star Wars.

Axel Geittman created the concept for “Deathstar Blues” by mashing up Star Wars characters with death metal iconography. He has created 13 pieces of original art featuring ink and pen drawings on paper and handful of paintings on canvas. There will also be 4 limited edition screen prints featuring images from the original works. Axel is a self-trained artist who lives and works in Colorado.

Sket-One is an artist from California who got started in graffiti and illustration before moving into designer toys. He has designed toys for Kidrobot, Mighty Jaxx, Solid Industries, MINDstyle, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and more His exceptional craftsmanship and art background allow him to customize and produce amazing pieces of art few can match. For this exhibit Sket-One will be showcasing a limited edition “Our Father” sculpture in gold accompanied by a Star Wars inspired shrine. Sket-One will be in attendance.

RYCA has made a name for himself with Star Wars inspired artwork that can be found on streets and in galleries across the world. His often Warholesque reconfigurations of popular Star Wars characters and props take form as prints, life sized paintings and hand casted and painted sculptures. RYCA lives and works in the U.K.

Hari & Deepti use paper to create amazing images of fantasy and folklore. Layers of hand cut paper illuminated with an LED create depth and vibrancy beyond a traditional painting. Combining their unique work with one of the best stories of our time should bring out something great. Hari & Deepti are from India but currently live in Colorado.

Rob “The Gropes” Roybal is a self-taught Denver artist known for his shocking yet high quality work on walls, canvas and sculpture. Embarrassing the cute characters of your childhood entertainment is his favorite pastime. Hopefully he doesn’t take it too far for this show.[/one_half][one_half_last]
Derek Keenan AT-AT[divider_line]

Deathstar Blues Postcard Set

Artwork by Axel Geittmann
5 x 7 Inches – High Quality – Ready to Frame!
Includes 3 postcards, show flyer and surprise sticker
$12 Shipped in US

$15 Shipped Worldwide

Sket-One “Rocky Mountain Alliance” Flag

2 x 3 Feet
These will be shipping in mid to late July

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Axel Geittmann “Deathstar Blues” Prints

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