Black Book Gallery presents Joseph Martinez & Pedro Barrios “Long Time Strangers”

Denver, CO (October 5th, 2012) – “Long Time Strangers” with Joseph Martinez and Pedro Barrios features two friends coming together for an exhibit of intricate and vibrant, yet aesthetically different styles.


Joseph Martinez paints with everything on anything. Oil, acrylic, gouache, charcoal, graphite, ink and pen – nothing is safe. Through a brief stint in art school and an internship at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco he picked up many of the techniques and tricks of the trade he uses while perfecting his own style. He recently assisted artist Sam Flores on the “Terminal King’s” project, a 100’ mural for Denver International Airport. For “Long Time Strangers” Joseph challenged himself to paint the majority of his pieces smaller than a dime using matchbooks as his “canvas”. Rather than attempt to explain the level of detail and patience on display we are including pictures that should leave you excited to see more. Here are a few examples of the more than 50 matchbook paintings in the exhibit.

Pedro Barrios is inspired by patterns, sequences, colors, and Mexican cultural references. His freehand approach creates fluidity and intense detail in every stroke he paints. Pedro uses repetition as a soothing effect on his psyche to provide calm amongst chaos; this brings the viewer into his realm and provides the same sense of peace he experiences while creating the artwork. For this exhibit of work he continues to develop elements and processes that he is well known for while exploring new techniques and mediums – as well as collaborating with other artists.

Video of Joseph Martinez getting ready…

Black Book Gallery presents Fairey | Hecox | Houser

Denver, CO (August 3rd, 2012) – Anchoring this year’s exhibition schedule, Black Book Gallery in Denver will be welcoming powerhouses, Shepard Fairey, Even Hecox and Jim Houser together in a group show during the month of August. Denver is a common place to meet for the three artists, who all have held significant exhibitions in 2012. Houser’s artwork appeared at LeBasse Projects in Culver City back in April, Hecox was at Joshua Liner Gallery in June and was also featured in Juxtapoz last month and Fairey showed work at Pace Prints in the spring.

One of Shepard’s most noteworthy visits to Denver was for Manifest Hope during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Fairey, of course, is known for his repetitious images. Two of his most prominent images include, “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” and Obama “Hope” he created during the 2008 election, which became a national icon of an era. The Manifest Hope art show marked a turning point in Denver art appreciation, which continues to expand today.

Siting Marshall McLuhan, a well-known media and communications theorist, Fairey uses the slogan, “the medium is the message,” which can be found throughout his work. Fascinated by philosophy in general, Fairey also draws influence from the notion of consciously structuring the subjective experience, known as phenomenology. In this way, Fairey’s work can be seen as a study of using media and artwork to create personal realities.

Hecox, who is based in Denver, records the detail of his surroundings in snapshots and moments in time. These frozen frames depict layers of the urban environments that Hecox is so curious to know. Cities radiate their own unique energy, when even a walk down the street can present a feast for the senses. By precisely and diligently placing the details of day-to-day urban life, Hecox recreates the beauty of simply existing in this space. Working from his own photographs of cities around the world, Hecox maps these scenes in a multimedia fashion. Gouache and acrylics, pencil drawings and ink washes are consistent medium choices for the artist. Having shown internationally, Hecox’s work resonates across a wide audience base, perhaps because of their diversity in nature.

This will be Houser’s second show at Black Book Gallery. Houser brings his familiar lines, colors and mix of props. Emphasizing the arrangement of his mixed media work, including installation, to create a unique exhibit each time, Houser tells stories and stacks hidden meaning throughout. Each individual piece Houser creates is carefully made and can stand alone, but it is the sum of these parts that make up Houser’s larger statement.

The opening for the Black Book Gallery exhibit, titled, “Fairey | Hecox | Houser,” is August 3rd. This will be a great way to begin the descent into the fall gallery season. If you’re in the area, be sure to swing through for a glimpse at the combined efforts of these three prime artists who have not only grown up along with, but also have significantly contributed to the contemporary canon of street-influenced art today.

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Black Book Gallery presents Shannon Bonatakis and Josh Holland “The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time”

Denver, CO (July 6th, 2012) –Shannon Bonatakis and Josh Holland have been improving each others artwork since the day they first met in an illustrative drawing class in 2002. Now married, the Denver-based artist couple are developing their disparate talents professionally. This is their first time showing together.

Shannon engages her viewers using highly stylized and emotionally charged portraiture. Inspired by human experiences both personal and interpersonal, she lovingly interprets these universal emotions through her subjects. Often autobiographical in some capacity, her paintings give us a candid window into the deep dark caverns of the artist’s psyche. These narratives are often left open to interpretation, but emanate a deep personal significance to the creator which is not always clear, but always compelling.

Josh is a professional illustrator working in multiple styles and media. His gallery work strives to encapsulate a child’s sense of wonder for the natural world. Just as he has done (unknowingly) since infancy, Josh explores the beauty and brutality of nature through the lens of creatures drawn from imagination. What started as an early fascination with death depicted by bloody red crayon speckled dinosaurs, is now an amalgam of philosophy, emotion, and personal narrative that questions what it is to be human from unlikely perspectives.

Join us on July 6th starting at 6pm for the opening reception of “The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time”


Eelus “Smoke Seduction” Prints Available Now

Smoke Seduction #1 | 5 colors

Smoke Seduction #2 | 4 colors

Smoke Seduction #3 | 6 colors

Eelus “Smoke Seduction”

24″ x 24″
Screen print on 300gsm Antique Vellum / Milkweed Paper
Edition of 23 each print
Signed & Numbered
Includes Certificate of Authenticity

$345.00 Each Shipped in US | $355.00 Each Shipped to Canada | $365.00 Each Shipped Worldwide

$930.00 Set Shipped in US | $940.00 Set Shipped to Canada | $950.00 Set Shipped Worldwide

If you would like to purchase a prints/s please contact us at

We are releasing these prints as part of “Curious” the new solo exhibit from Eelus. If you requested a preview of original works you will receive an email once we have the list ready to go.

Black Book Gallery presents Eelus “Curious”

Denver, CO (June 1st, 2012) – Curious – A new exhibit by Eelus.
Eelus lives in a very different world to most people; a world that is crawling with hidden magic and strange creatures. There are dinosaurs and strange beasts within the center of the Earth, Bigfoot is alive and well within the forests of many lands and the skies are full of beings from other worlds. There are gnomes in the mountains, secret bunkers in the desert, and always, ALWAYS monsters under the bed.
From within this world Eelus has carved a name for himself over the last ten years as one of the UK’s top graphic artists. He’s painted and exhibited around the world alongside some of the best contemporary and urban masters such as Banksy, D*Face, Eine, Tim Biskup and Shepard Fairey as well as having a number of highly successful solo shows in the U.K and U.S.

The curiosity cabinets of the 16th century onward were the starting point for Eelus’s inspiration for ‘Curious’. Within these strange collections you would find fantastic specimens from the natural world, fascinating studies on the human body, paintings and pictures from around the globe and even objects of great mystery and wonder that can’t be explained by science at all. For the first time in his artistic career, Eelus has moved away from his trademark medium of stencils to create a brand new body of work made entirely from hand cut paper, all of which fall within the categories usually found inside the cabinets of wonder.

Through ‘Curious’, Eelus is introducing us to the start of not only a new medium for him, but a new visual style. The fun he’s had making the work is obvious, he just hopes you enjoy it as much as he does.

Join us on June 1st starting at 6pm for the unveiling of Curious.

Free and open to the public
Artist will be in attendance

June marks our 2nd Anniversary!

We will be releasing a few very limited edition screen prints as a part of this exhibit. Stay tuned for more information!


Images are detail shots