Recap | Emek Book Signing & Art Show

We had a great turn-out for the event, many thanks to everybody who came down. Emek signed and doodled books for over 5 hours! Check out the video and pictures below if you missed it.

Framed Prints

Un-framed Prints

We also featured a great selection of framed work from Emek during the signing. We worked with Furthur Frames to create unique and powerful framing for each piece. Take a look at the artwork below and let us know if you are interested in a piece.

Thanks again to everybody who joined us – And many many thanks to Emek and Ginko Press for helping us to put on such a great event.

Black Book Gallery presents The London Police & Handiedan “Amsterdynasty”

Black Book Gallery presents
The London Police & Handiedan

Opening reception May 14th at 7pm – Open to the public
Artists in attendance

May 14, 2011 through May 31, 2011

Denver, CO (April 20, 2011) – Black Book Gallery is at it again for the month of May, delivering some of the most accomplished and established international street artists in the world to Denver. It’s pretty incredible, actually, to think of the shows Black Book Gallery has already produced this year… and 2011 isn’t even half over. We’re talking repeatedly on beat with the likes of gallery exhibitions found in major art hubs: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and the UK. Only these shows require no major travel at all. Pay attention Denver, contemporary and urban art-loving fans; history is happening NOW and it’s all for you, so tuck away any excuses not to attend Black Book Gallery this month, mark your calendars for May 14th and treat yourself to a seriously special collaboration with The London Police and Handiedan! Artists will be in attendance.

Chaz and Bob make up The London Police, a widely-known and well-respected duo from England who combine styles on every piece they produce, often mixing in a tall portion of antics and mock-seriousness along the way. In fact, their work is largely created from the dynamics of their friendship, which is a result of two small-town artists who continue to share an insatiable desire to work big and leave their mark. Since the beginning, which was back in 1998, Chaz and Gibson have clicked not only with each other, but with the international, contemporary and urban art world. Unknowingly and out of pure satisfaction to create and collaborate, the two began by traveling into London from their nearby homes tapping into the big city energy and laying down what at the time was not so common large ink drawings on the street surfaces of London and later, Amsterdam. In a well-timed series of events, Chaz and Gibson soon found themselves propelled into a lifestyle of global travel, art-making and art-showing, where The London Police emerged as major icons in the street and graffiti art movement over the past decade, their influence still potent to this day.

On their Denver show, Chaz says, “In the collaboration work between Bob and myself we have tried as ever to mix images and impressions of Denver and USA with the world of the LADS (TLP characters). As always its a pure pleasure to be exhibiting our work in another great American city. Denver has always been in my heart ever since Heather Locklear joined the cast of Dynasty and I asked my mum and dad if I could have a lock on my bedroom door.” Bob responds with this, “I was more into ‘Dex Dexter’ in Dynasty to be honest. A dark, manly, well-dressed smooth operator who taught me the value of strong business etiquette and oily seduction.”

The name of the show is called “Amsterdynasty.” Chaz explains by saying, “Working life for an Amsterdam artist is a potent mix of love, obsession, sweat and tears. An everyday soap opera in the windmill-strewn, wooden-shoe-wearing canals and alleyways of Holland’s capital, not too dissimilar from the popular Denver-based soap extravaganza that was ‘Dynasty’.”

In addition, The London Police are working with Handiedan on an all black and white show. This is a departure from Handiedan’s normal work that is usually full of color. Although, she reports excitement that the black and white challenge is taking her back to her roots in photography.

Handiedan’s feminine and sensual content will be an interesting, uniquely bizarre, counterbalance to The LADS characters. The boudoir aesthetic Handiedan chooses, also mixing in bits from classic tattoo culture and fantastical collage, arouses a certain tenderness that accompanies the subject matter. Handiedan pays big respect to women and sexual expression in general by using pin-up shapes, reframing the notion of a modern goddess. Not only are the female forms attractive to view, Handiedan’s collage work is a highly enjoyable experience in-and-of-itself. It is delicate and ornate, incorporating vintage details and tactile pieces of history. Handiedan is from the Netherlands and sites cultural periods, especially in Europe, as a major influence in her work.

Truly, do whatever you need to do not to miss this show; it will be a mash-up of high creativity and well-developed style from far off and exotic places!

Handiedan Studio visit with Hi-Fructose

Available artwork:


The London Police

Prints available on CMYK Projects

Handiedan & The London Police Prints

Handiedan x The London Police “Dog Days” Print

Exhibit Video & Pictures


We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of an amazing collaboration print from The London Police X Handiedan.

“Dog Days” is being produced by Modern Multiples and will be released through Black Book Gallery in early May 2011 in conjunction with  the “Amsterdynasty” exhibit featuring TLP & Handiedan.

The London Police X Handiedan
“Dog Days”
Produced by Modern Multiples
20 x 26 Inches
Full Bleed – Deckled Edges
More information soon!

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Process Photos

Black Book Gallery presents Jeremy & Melanie Pruitt “Crawlspace”

Jeremy & Melanie Pruitt

Join us April 9th from 6-9pm for Second Saturday
Artists will be in attendance – Reception open to the public

Titled, Crawlspace, Colorado artists, Jeremy Pruitt (THINKMULE™) and Melanie Pruitt (Deadly Daisy) will be showing April 1st through April 29th at The Black Book Gallery. For their first show at Black Book Gallery, Jeremy will be exhibiting a new round of his wooden art creations and Melanie, a fresh set of her elaborate ink drawings.

“Crawlspace” refers to the shallow areas beneath floors, within walls, in an attic or loft that allow greater access. This access is usually only available by crawling through narrow and confining spaces. As the concept relates to the art, Jeremy says “It is the area where people find the need to examine what we have created and work to discover what we have uncovered for them to see. Sometimes simple, sometimes buried. Bringing the darkness to the light.”

The pair often work together on exhibiting artwork, whether it be curating others’ work or showing their own. Both are originally from the Midwest region and in true anthropological style, have been commonly preoccupied with observation and human history from a young time. Personalities are a big emphasis in their artworks.

Using repetitive motion and a fixation on certain line patterns, the result of Melanie’s concentration ends in highly detailed drawings depicting subjects entrenched in their own background. While facial expressions are marked, the narrowing and widening of ink lines is what gives the pieces their distinct character and shading.

THINKMULE™ balances the intricacies of Melanie’s work well with a collection of primitive-style wooden sculptures. Carrying a heavy brut folk influence, previous utility objects are transformed into animated pieces of art. There is a sense of history and character not unlike rummaging through a street sale, antique store or vintage bazaar. Every old (or new) detail seems so cool. THINKMULE™ will be combining ten sculptural pieces with additional large wood cutouts on display for his part of the show.

Available Artwork:
Jeremy Pruitt
Melanie Pruitt

If you can’t make the opening reception make sure you visit us during business hours. We will also have receptions on April 9th & April 15th…Stay tuned for more information

Whistle Blowing For Peace Art & Music Festival @ Black Book Gallery

Falling Whistles Art and Music Festival 2011

Come join us on March 26th and help support Falling Whistles. in their efforts to bring peace to the Congo.

Falling Whistles is an organization working relentlessly to help bring peace to the Congo. This event is a fundraiser to restore the lives of war-affected women and children through rehabilitation programs, and lobbying in Washington to help change war policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

FREE Art Show
-Black Book Gallery
-Come see local artists and their original artwork inspired by the cause behind Falling Whistles – Evan Hecox, Jolt, Scott Lefavor, Axel Geittmann, Jon Streiby, Sandra Fettingis, Andrew Hoffman, Rick Griffith, Kegan Black, Michael Ortiz, Markham Maes

Music Festival
-Summit Music Hall
-Doors open at 8:30PM
-Tickets are $15, available at

Performances by:
– The Royal Heist
– Take to the Oars.

This will be an amazing event, please bring your friends and family to support the cause.