Black Book Gallery presents Rene Gagnon “Between Here and All Knowing”

Rene Gagnon will be holding his second solo art exhibit “Between Here and All Knowing” at Black Book Gallery during the month of May 2012. Rene brings a fresh body of work that moves into greater abstraction than his previous exhibit “Urban Flowers”. Many of the same techniques were used to create the new pieces but the concept behind “Between Here and All Knowing” is much more personal:

“Many artists draw inspiration from their dreams. When I speak to someone who can’t recall their dreams, I feel sorry that they never experienced the sense of flying, or feeling your body dissipate into pixels while traveling through a worm hole, or sitting on the moon with a good friend and hearing the dull roar of the earth spinning.

It is said that when we die we enter into a state of ‘All Knowing’. In many of my dreams I have experienced what I can only refer to as this ‘All Knowing’ state of being. I’ve experienced being encompassed by energy in the form of written words, equations, particles whizzing and bouncing about, and form, shape, and color that I have no words to describe.

This body of work represents the transition from the compartmentalized nature of our ‘real’ world and the collision of knowledge, beauty and chaos that define my ‘All Knowing’ state of being.”

Rene Gagnon “Between Here and All Knowing”
Opening Reception:
May 4th from 6pm – 1130pm
Artist will be in attendance
Event is free and open to the public

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“The Joy of Stenciling” Video & Sam’s No.3 Exhibit

We had a very successful response to “The Joy of Stenciling” at Black Book in March so we  moved the exhibit to one of Denver’s iconic restaurants – Sam’s No.3 Downtown. If you missed the exhibit in March now is your chance to check it out while enjoying the fantastic food at Sam’s No.3.

While getting ready for “The Joy of Stenciling” we had Gavin McGlynn create a short documentary on Ian Millard and his artistic process. Many thanks to Ian and Gavin for taking the time to put this together.

The Joy of Stenciling with Ian Millard

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Black Book Gallery presents Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Ariel Diaz and Mike Aho “Group Show(er)”

April at Black Book Gallery brings work by a fresh crop of artists: Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Ariel Diaz and Mike Aho, who live and work in various cultural hubs such as Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Entitled, “Group Show(er)” the show ties together influences mostly from skateboarding, a little mysticism and a touch of rock and roll.

Michael Sieben lives in Austin, TX and is a professional illustrator, designer as well as staff writer for Thrasher Magazine. He is also one of the four founding members of Camp Fig Gallery that existed between 2002-2006 and then, founding member of Okay Mountain Gallery and Collective which started in 2006 and is still happening today. Mel Kadel comes to us from Los Angeles, California by way of New York and originally, Pennsylvania. In her work, she primarily explores themes of interconnectedness and balance using a technique likened to “drawing with an eyelash.” Travis Millard, who also lives in Los Angeles, is self-titled CEO/Janitor of Fudge Factory Comics. As all-encompassing as playing head chief while also tidying the toilets can be, Millard’s breadth of artworks are also quite varied. Illustrations, small zines, tee-shirts, graphics and posters are all fair territory for this jack of many mediums. Ariel Diaz adds a bit of San Francisco flavor to the Group Show(er) show, although he was originally born in Tijuana and raised in San Diego. Either way, this “Moon Child” offers works that are both sophisticated and juvenile in their presentation. Lastly, Mike Aho is another Austin affiliate who splits his time as a musician, visual artist and video director. In recent years Aho has directed videos for Mando Diao, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and RTX in addition to creating video and commercial work used as international campaigns for Volcom Clothing, Ride Snowboards and Roger Skateboards. Aho is the co-creator and director of the cult-status surrealist skateboard comedy series, ‘The Internet Shack’ for Thrasher Magazine.

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Black Book Gallery presents Ian Millard “The Joy of Stenciling”

Denver, CO (March 2rd, 2012)– Denver artist, Ian Millard will be exhibiting “The Joy of Stenciling” at Black Book Gallery for the month of March.
“The Joy of Stenciling” takes on a distinct Americana identity, with images depicting vintage food items and products. For this new body of work, Millard used over 200 hand-cut stencils and spray paint to create over 30 photo-realistic works. Ian has been perfecting stencils for many years and this exhibit reveals his devotion and abilities – many of the pieces in the show required over 1,000 handmade cuts to complete. Join us on March 2nd, 2012 at 6pm for a mind blowing display of hard work and nostalgia.

Ian Millard
The Joy of Stenciling
Opening Reception:
March 2nd 6pm -12
Exhibit runs Mar. 2nd – 30th.

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The Joy of Stenciling with Ian Millard

Skewville “When in Denver” Movie

When Ad Deville of Skewville visited Denver for the exhibit “Anti Social Networking” in October 2011 we created this 7 minute masterpiece movie.

Skewville “When In Denver”

Click here to view available artwork from “Anti Social Networking”

Many thanks to Ill Noir/Gavin McGlynn for producing a great movie showcasing all of action.

Black Book Gallery presents Lindsay St. Antoine with Ravi Zupa “Nothing Teaches Needs”

Denver, CO (February 3rd, 2012) – For the first show of 2012 at Black Book Gallery in Denver, CO, the format of the exhibition is just as significant as the individual work itself. In an exploration of togetherness and separateness, among other themes, Ravi Zupa and Lindsay St. Antoine, who also share in a relationship, will be showing somewhat simultaneously, yet in different locations across continents.

Ravi, who held a solo exhibition last fall at Black Book, will be exhibiting at The Outsiders Gallery in London on January 12th, 2012, while Lindsay will be having her first solo exhibition at Black Book Gallery soon afterward, February 3rd, 2012. Nothing Teaches Needs is the title of the dual exhibition and creates dialogue around the subject of where needs originate in both the human psyche as well as in the natural, physical realm. To describe his part of the show, Ravi uses the example of how infants possess inherent answers and tools to satisfy their needs from the start, “Infants emerge from their mothers with perfect knowledge of how to coordinate their mouths and throats to feed.”

For her part, Lindsay has been thrust into a more personal exploration of the themes, which have highlighted dualities in her own process: the desire to express, countered with fear of expressing as well as multiple associations of joy and pain intertwined, all par for the course of the human condition, but perhaps more vividly felt by the person leading a life in which heavy emphasis on art making is present. It is with exhibition of this kind of art that viewers become privileged to witness the boldness of personal expression.

Taken together, with Ravi tackling broader themes of intimacy and needs, while Lindsay translates her own experiences on the same subject, the two create a distinct balance, which is very much male/ female in quality. Lindsay’s work is made up of layer after layer of house paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, oil stick, oil pastel, old paper, graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, and ballpoint pen, with a bit of screen printing. As part of their collaboration, Ravi has created drawings, block-printed images, and words (which were originally written poetically or spoken insanely) to be incorporated into Lindsay’s paintings. These drawings and prints, carefully made, combined with the raw dirtiness of Lindsay’s painting, give a dreamlike view into the beauty and the mess that can exist within attempted intimacy.

Include yourself in the Denver side of this dynamic exhibition opening February 3rd at Black Book Gallery.

Please note: Due to the snow storm we are rescheduling the opening reception for February 11th

Lindsay St. Antoine with Ravi Zupa
Nothing Teaches Needs
Opening Reception:
February 11th 6pm -12
Exhibit runs Feb. 3rd – 27th.
Visit for more information

Video Preview

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Ravi Zupa “Nothing Teaches Needs” at The Outsiders London

Ravi is set to open his first solo exhbit outside of the U.S. at The Outsiders in London. Nothing Teaches Needs is a 2 city exhibition with Ravi exhibiting in London followed by Lindsay St. Antione exhibiting next month at Black Book Gallery. Ravi has put together his most focused and powerful show to date and he is sure to open some eyes across the pond.

Next month, Lindsay will open her exhibit in Denver featuring a selection of her finest work to date as well. Nothing Teach Needs is a collaborative exercise between Ravi and Lindsay that brings together not only their amazing artistic talents but also reveals the struggles and artistic adventures of their relationship. Make sure you check for more information.

Ravi Zupa

Lindsay St. Antoine with collaborations by Ravi Zupa

Make sure you also check out this interview with Ravi Zupa on Hi-Fructose

Michael Coriano “Duel with Iron Mike” Release Party at The 1UP

Our newest project comes from Denver artist Michael Coriano. Coriano has been making some noise around town lately with his distinct style and colorful takes on pop culture. When he isn’t busy designing fresh gear for Jiberish or killing it in local art shows he obviously spends too much time in front of the TV.

On Wednesday, December 7th from 6-8pm we will be at The 1UP in downtown Denver where you can be one of the first to pick this bad boy up – Cash or Card Accepted!

The 1UP features over 45 classic Arcade Games, 15 Pinball Machines, 3 Lanes of Classic Skee-Ball and multiple sets of Giant Jenga. If you think you have some skillz playing Punch-Out! make sure you come down and enter the Punch-Out! tournament to win a free print!

If you cant make it to the release party you will be able to score “Duel with Iron Mike” at Division West and at the opening night of Mile High and Rising at Black Book Gallery. We also plan to have an online release in the next week so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.

Print Details:
“Duel with Iron Mike” is a 5 color screen print featuring a metallic gold tooth!
18 x 24 Inches – Easy to frame!
Signed & Numbered
“Minor Circuit” features white text – Edition of 87 – $35 + Shipping
“Major Circuit” features silver text – Edition of 7 – $75 + Shipping
“World Circuit” features gold text – Edition of 7 – $75 + Shipping

Print will be available to purchase online at CMYK Projects Monday, December 12th at a random time.
Details subject to change!

Black Book Gallery presents “Mile High & Rising”

Denver, CO (December 10th, 2011) - Finishing off the year with a bang at Black Book Gallery this month, the first ever Mile High & Rising group show (on display throughout December) will bring together over twenty-five of the city’s most active creative talent, exhibiting a collection of diverse work and representing a sample of the contemporary artscape currently happening in Denver. This will be an incredible mix of artwork, not to mention a prime opportunity to pick up a few pieces- all work will be priced at $100 or less – Double score!

Encompassing a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles, the show will not only highlight each individual artist’s contribution, but also the close knit community of art contributors that live and work in Denver (which includes many others). From upcoming to established artists, from graffiti to tattoo influences, from screen printing, to paint, drawing, photography and sculpture, Mile High And Rising will truly be a landmark show, and define a new tradition in the process. Next year, the show will continue with Mile High and Rising Vol. 2.

Some of the artists featured include: John Fellows, Axel Geittmann, Sarah Ford, Ravi Zupa, Jeremy Burns, Adam Sikorski, Mike Ortiz, John Lamb, Chris Huth, Ian Millard, Lindsey Kuhn, Max Kauffman, Jeremy Pruitt (Thinkmule), Melanie Pruitt, Pedro Barrios, Rob Mack, Mike Graves, Sandi Calistro, John Cole, Joseph Martinez, Sam Turner, Mona Crowe, Mark Sink, Dan Ericson, Michael Coriano.

Be on the lookout in early 2012, as the gallery will be releasing a free ‘Black Book’ around the state of Colorado that includes over twenty pages of full color artwork as well as information on the artists involved in this first edition of Mile High & Rising. This is one opening you won’t want to miss and may we suggest getting there early, this artwork will go quick!

Sneak Peek from Vincent Comparetto

If you would like to see a preview of available artwork please use the contact page to notify us.

Black Book Gallery presents Guerilla Garden “Blacklisted”

Denver, CO (November 4th, 2011) – This November Black Book Gallery will host an exhibition featuring a handful of Denver artists who all congregate in an influential and very active collaborative space, Guerilla Garden.

Jolt is the mastermind behind Guerilla Garden and his newest project can be found at 10th and Osage, a 5,000 square-foot architecturally integrated fine art mural. Quentin Rice stands with the elite in the graffiti art world and has recently taken his mad painting skills to the canvas. JJ Rivera is a modern day renaissance man with a background in design and fabrication and works with a variety of clientele, including the Children’s Museum. Diego Rodriguez is a talented young print maker with a background in drawing and is currently pursuing his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Barth Quenzer is a fine art painter and teaches Visual Art in Denver Public Schools and Art Education at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. All of these artists have very unique styles and creative methods that blend to form a cohesive yet eclectic visual experience. Be sure to stop by Black Book Gallery on First Friday, November 4th for a night of great art.

More information on Guerilla Garden