Black Book Gallery presents Mile High and Rising 2012 Group Show

Denver, CO (December 7th, 2012) – Mile High and Rising is back for a second year featuring familiar faces from previous gallery exhibits mixed with artists rising on the local art scene. Encompassing a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles, the show will not only highlight each individual artist’s contribution, but also the close knit community of artists that live and work in Colorado. From graffiti to tattoo influences, from screen printing, to paint, drawing, photography and sculpture, Mile High And Rising will continue to be one of the best group shows of local talent in the state.

Artists included:

Michael Coriano
Axel Geittmann
Sara Ford
John Cole
Gemma Bayly
Jamie Molina
Debbie Clapper
Johnny Mayer.
Rob Mack
Ian Millard
The Gropes
John Fellows
Mike Graves
Sandi Calistro
Melody Conway
Dea Webb
Douglas Seaton
Melanie Pruitt
Jeremy Burns
Vincent Comparetto
Frank Kwiatkowski
Joseph Martinez
Ashley Urban
Amanda Gordon Dunn
Jeff Kopp

Available Artwork

* Payment plans available
* Additional pictures available
* Prices do not include shipping
* Check Exhibit Pictures for images of framing on pieces

Exhibit Pictures